The UNCHARTED community is expanding: welcome DOORS project!


DOORS, the Digital Incubator for Museums is a H2020 project coordinated by ARS ELECTRONICA with the aim to create an European incubator to support small and medium-sized museums in developing strategies to integrate technology and to enrich the online and on-site cultural offer.

It moves from the assumption that for small museums, the technologies and skills to launch and sustain digital strategies are usually unattainable.
DOORS aims at offering small institutions a program of incubation and development of digital skills so that they can access knowledge, resources, skills.

The project has launched a call to invite small and medium-size museums across Europe to submit proposals for digital pilots that can benefit their institutions and help them initiate a long-term digital transformation. The deadline for submitting applications is February 13 2022.
40 museums will be selected among the participants in the call, to participate in the first phase of the incubation programme focused on shared learning and, among these, 20 will be able to continue in the second phase with the practical implementation of their digital pilot projects.

DOORS has recently joined the UNCHARTED community with the aim of collaborating in mutual support, respectively, of the dissemination and promotion activities of the main progress of the projects as well as mutually participating in the events organized within the two projects. With regard to the latter aspect, UNCHARTED and DOORS have accepted each other’s invitations to participate respectively in the festival organized by ARS Electronica, DOORS coordinator, to be held in September 2022 and in the central UNCHARTED event to be held in London in January 2023.

The Showcase of DOORS on UNCHARTED website is available here.
Learn more about DOORS at


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