Open call for STARTS residencies!

Atlas by Yann Deval and Marie G. Losseau - Credit : Tom Mesic

Atlas by Yann Deval and Marie G. Losseau – Credit : Tom Mesic

Tech Projects

Interested in working with artists to expand technological boundaries, explore novel utilizations, produce new prototypes, and stimulate groundbreaking processes? Boost the innovation potential of your technology by applying to the STARTS Residencies!

Only two weeks left to submit your project!

What is a Tech Project?
A research and innovation project (collaborative or internal to a lab or company) in the field of information and communication technologies.

Artists and Creatives

Want to work with Tech engineers, travel arround Europe, showcase your artworks to new audiences, and obtain a grant of up to 30 000€ to do so?

Be part of a STARTS Residency and produce an original artwork based on a specific technology! Discover the available Tech Projects. The call for Artists will close in a month!

Who can apply?
Experienced artists of any artistic field and nationality. An artist must be a physical person and will be the author of the produced artwork.

More info and application details:



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