#OHDialogues: the 2nd workshop on adaptive heritage reuse is on streaming!


OpenHeritage launched a series of online interactive workshops focusing on key aspects of adaptive heritage reuse. The project, which full title is “OpenHeritage: Organizing, Promoting and ENabling HEritage Reuse through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment”, focuses on the creation of sustainable models of heritage asset management and aims to empower the community in the processes of its adaptive reuse.
The first meeting took place on September. It was titled “Adaptive heritage reuse: Policy contexts across Europe” and aimed at exploring good practices and measures to support and facilitate  adaptive heritage reuse.
The second workshop “Sharing and Caring: Partnerships for Adaptive Heritage Reuse” is scheduled for today. Participants are invited to face and share experiences on the following questions:

  • How can municipalities work together with civic initiatives in supporting the community-led reuse of heritage spaces?
  • How can built heritage be an asset for the cities
  • How can public-private-people partnerships benefit heritage?
  • What is the potential of historical buildings to be more than just monuments to preserve?

The discussion will explore these questions in various policy environments across Europe, in small towns as well as in big cities, focusing on good practices of establishing partnerships, and strategies to overcome challenges.
This second OpenHeritage Dialogue is co-produced by OpenHeritage and Cooperative City. The workshop is organised by ICLEI and co-organised by CEU, Eutropian, and MRI.
REACH, as syster project of openheritage, has been invited together with ILUCIDARE to share its reflection and experience on the topic.
A live stream of the Dialogue’s opening session is available from on the OpenHeritage and Cooperative City facebook pages.
The third workshop, “Adaptive heritage reuse: Financing and business models (tbc)” is planned for Spring 2021 in Berlin
Contacts: dialogues@openheritage.eu
OpenHeritaje dialogues webpage


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