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IMG_5130Jointed with the Civic Epistemologies final conference, partner SPK hosted the RICHES consortium for a double event in Berklin: the project plenary and the workshop session during the conference. On the 10 and 11 November 2015, the plenary meeting of the RICHES partners allowed the group to look back to the progress of the project so far, and to plan the next important steps, especially the next events to be organized in 2016:

  • a second policy seminar in Brussels (read more on the outcomes of the first one here)
  • the final conference of the project in Amsterdam (to be announced soon!)

IMG_5129An important research action was inaugurated in the plenary and will involve all the partners and affiliate partners of the project: a questionnaire about PPP Public-Private Partnerships, which will constitute the basis of the RICHES task on developing guidelines about this particular form of agreements for project implementation.

On the 12 and 13, the final conference of Civic Epistemologies took place at the museum of contemporary art of Hamburger-Bahnhof, entitled Digital Heritage and Innovation, Engagement and Identity. A session of the conference was organized together with RICHES in the form of a workshop presenting various case studies of community engagement and co-creation with cultural heritage and practices. The workshop, entitled Community-Led Redesign of Cultural Heritagewas very interesting, especially for its multidisciplinary and multisectorial approcah, that enriched the Civic Epistemologies conference with different perspectives on the wide theme of citizen participation in cultural heritage.

The presentations discussed during the session are available in the conference page and video recordings will be published soon.



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