HeritageHack: in Idrija to tackle the challenges of cultural heritage!


From the 13th to the 15th March, in Idrija (Slovenia), the HeritageHack will take place. It is a 3-day hackathon for cultural Heritage, financed by European Commission and the Council of Europe, and organized by Idrija 2020 Association.

This Association was founded in 2012 by 5 professionals, highly educated and native to this small town, with the aim to develop youth sector and policies in fields as local strategic development, entrepreneurship, revitalisation of heritage; the mission was to develop the municipality of Idrija into a youth-friendly municipality, that attracting the young and bringing people together.

Idrija 2020 co-founded the ID20 Istitution to unite and provide networking opportunities and support at other organisations and individuals in taking one step further in innovation of cultural heritage. The Institute gathers a team of young highly skilled and experienced young professionals in the fields of architecture, business development, design and heritage innovation, united by the idea to transform heritage from a thing of the past to a matter of future.

The activities promoted by ID20 comprise:

  • HeritageLab: offers a comprehensive step-by-step incubation programme for young people from small and semi-peripheral towns that promote and highlight the local cultural heritage and create new businesses and services, stemming from a new understanding of heritage.
  • Support for organisations that build on the rich cultural and natural heritage of their surrounding (heritage institutions, municipalities, tourist and non-governmental organisations) in reaching and engaging their customers and partners.
  • lasting, meaningful design that brings value to existing buildings, to leave the environment better than today.

Idrija 2020 Association and the story connected to it was selected as a good example at the Heritage Days Stories contest that enabled its to receive the financial support of the European Commission and the Council of Europe for organising the HeritageHack.

In this framework started the call addressed to young between 18 and 30 who can participate and compete for a prize of 1000 €.

The call is aimed at creative and inspirational ideas from different sectors, to give answers to the challenges of cultural heritage and to find entrepreneurial ideas for generations to come.

Deadline: 29th February 2020

More info:

Heritagehack leaflet
Location: Inzaghi Shaft Machine House, Vodnikova 3, Idrija, Slovenia
Link to event web page (Slovene): https://www.id20.si/heritagehack/
Facebook event (Slovene): https://www.facebook.com/events/463456994362607/
Association & Institute web page (English): https://www.id20.si/en/home/


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