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OJOO consists of an app to play games, and a Design Studio to create games, even without any technical skills or knowledge! If you know how to type text and upload a picture, you’re all set. And once you have created your game, you can publish it in OJOO store to share, sell and play it with people around the world. With OJOO everyone can create mobile games without coding. Link media, challenges and rewards to locations & augment the reality!

OJOO is now launching a real competition, a mini games hackathon from 18th to 20th November 2016.

If you have an idea to create a mini game that can be played for 3 to 5 minutes as part of an OJOO, have Unity skills, this competition is for you. We have 15 mini games people can use to make their OJOO more fun. Ranging from puzzles or quizzes to more immersive catch game (think Pokemon Go). All these mini games can be customized by our users.

Now, we’ve created a Unity framework allowing developers to create customizable mini games that can be integrated in the OJOO App & Studio. Think about the game element in Flappy Bird, Pop the Lock, Geometry, AA, Alto, Snake,… with a custom skin on top and you have a mini game.


18 november: Release of our Unity framework & documentation

19 november: Game hackathon in OJOO Ghent office

20 november: Mini game Unity projects need to be in our mailbox before 12pm.

21 december: Announcement of the winners

International projects are also welcome. You don’t need to attend the hackathon in person, you can join remotely. As long as your project is according to the framework standards, you’re good to go.

Info: http://www.ojoo.com/mini-games-hackathon/


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