GAMELAB: Games and Interactive entertainment conference


Founded in 2005, Gamelab is a non-profit organization devoted to create quality events where international professionals, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and investors from the digital entertainment space get inspired and share innovative ideas and projects.

Gamelab events connect, empower and inspire the next generation of digital creators to play an active role in shaping the future of interactive playgrounds and experiences. Gamelab’s flagship event takes place every June in Barcelona (Spain) and welcomes over 1.000 attendees, representing over 500 different small companies/organizations.


This year the conference programme include keynotes speakers from all over the world, among which Toru Iwatani Professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University; Shinji Mikami Executive Producer at Tango Gameworks; Richard Marks, director of PlayStation Magic Lab, Sony Computer Entertainment; Peter Vesterbacka of Mighty Eagle, Rovio Entertainment LTD (the creator of Angry Birds) and many more.

The event is structured in 5 different and well defined sections:

  • Main conference track, where world-class speakers share their inspiring vision about the future of interactivity with the general audience and press.
  • Partners track, where sponsors and partners organize workshops and specialized sessions and talk directly to the professional community.
  • Networking space, where startups, indie developers  and all kind of platforms interact and showcase their latest products and services.
  • Awards, where the best games and project presented at Gamelab are publicly recognized.
  • Events, where attendees, sponsors and guest continue networking after work hours (demo sessions, happy hours, parties, dinners, etc.)

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