UNCHARTED published the first outputs of its investigation: 5 deliverables are now available for consultation and free download


Work package 1 of the UNCHARTED project, leaded by the University of Barcelona, is devoted to the analysis of the configuration of the values of culture.
It carries out a first analysis about how the values of culture in Europe are constructed examining the influence of a series of circumstances and key factors in shaping these values.
The research conducted so far, which involved 7 members of the UNCHARTED Consortium, have produced the following reports:

D1.1 Analysis of the influence of gender and rising diversity in the configuration of the values of culture.
The report has a double purpose. Firstly, it seeks to identify the factors that led the rising diversity and increasing gender equality in European societies in recent times. Secondly, it aims to analyze how these factors impact on the shaping of values of culture in three specific areas: institutionalized culture, cultural administrations and cultural policies, and citizen culture.

D1.2 Analysis of the influence of urbanisation and social and spatial segregation in cities in the configuration of the values of culture.
The report takes into account the major paradigm changes in the recent urban development by focusing on the social processes of gentrification, touristification and segregation, and its consequences on urban heritage preservation.

D1.3 Analysis of the influence of globalization and digitization in the configuration of the values of culture.
The report provides a review of values of culture relating to cultural administration, production and participation. The main strands of identified values are within the categories of access, engagement and identification, production/performance.

D1.4 Analysis of the influence of neo-liberalism in the configuration of the values of culture.
This deliverable reports about the results of the exploration, systematic review and analysis of the research
literature and existing data on the influence of neo-liberalism in the configuration of the values of culture.

D1.5 Analysis of the European historical and political experience in acknowledging and promoting the values of culture
The report questions the configurations in which European cultural policies attribute values to culture. It begins with a reflection on the meaning of value, then goes on to identify the numerous values identifiable in the history of cultural policies. It proposes a classification of the values and it describes the dynamics of emergence and transformation of the values attributed to culture in historical configurations.

Download the full text of each deliverable in the UNCHARTED download area
Link to the WP1 webpage


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