The Prix Ars Electronica


The Prix Ars Electronica, which has been happening every year since 1987, is considered to be one of the most prestigious media arts competition in the world.
The 2020 edition received proposals from 90 countries, for a total of 3,209 proposals in the 5 categories.

The 2020 categories and winners were:
Computer Animation: this category has been part of the Prix Ars Electronica since its origin but is in the last years that computer animation has improved both artistically and technically. In this category, artistic originality counts just as much as technical achievement. Miwa Matreyek (US) received the Golden Nica in this category for “Infinitely Yours”.
Digital Communities: it focuses on the projects and activities that aim to deliver social benefits, that defend and support democracy, human rights and freedom of expression, that foster an open and inclusive civil society, with innovative and artistic approach. With “Be Water by Hong Kongers”, an anonymous group has been awarded in the category.
Interactive Art +: it is dedicated to interactive works of high artistic quality, in all forms and formats, from installations to exhibitions. Innovation and uniqueness are additional key criteria, as are new experiments and broadened interpretations of interactive art. Lauren Lee McCarthy (US) winned with “SOMEONE”.
u19 – create your world: this category addresses to young people (kids and youngsters up to age 19) who imagine the future and want to shape tomorrow’s world. A total of 24 prizes were awarded – the Golden Nica went to Lisa Rass, Franziska Gallé, Jona Lingitz and Anna Fachbach from the HTBLVA-Graz Ortweinschule with “Samen”.
Visionary Pioneers of Media Art: designed to honor people whose creativity and artistic experimentation have contributed to the achievement of important and innovative achievements. The winner in this category was VALIE EXPORT.

In addition to the coveted Golden Nica statuette, the winners were awarded prize money ranging up to € 10,000 per category and an opportunity to showcase their talents at the famed Ars Electronica Festival in Linz that will be held in September 2020.

Many innovations have characterized this edition: for the first time the international jury met in a purely virtual setting; for the first time a Golden Nica was awarded to an anonymous citizens’ movement for its innovative and creative digital action, and for the first time all other Golden Nicas, without exception, went to women.

Further information about the winners here.


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