The HeLLo project shares its results with the UNCHARTED network


UNCHARTED is pleased to announce the collaboration with HeLLo :Heritage energy Living Lab onsite. The project was concluded on  September 2020 and was about  energetic  efficiency of historical buildings.
During its two-year activity it carried out studies and scientific researches on the way to preserve historical buildings though the use of new systems of hygrothermal measurements.
The overall mission was to spread awareness about the most common energy retrofit solutions and to increase knowledge of their application in historic buildings. HeLLo defined the following specific objectives:

  • To check the compatibility of energy retrofit technologies already certified and applied to new buildings on historic constructions;
  • To create a structured dissemination programme that opens the doors of the laboratory life beyond academic boundaries.

Results were being achieved through a twofold strategy. First, a true experimental laboratory in which energy retrofit technologies were tested and their real performances were quantified. Second, a project of dissemination laboratories that offers an experimental experience in order to make known the world of investigation by the practice of the living lab.
As the dissemination project was itself an integrated part of the research, the experience was addressed to different target groups, including the scientific community and professionals, public authorities, enterprises, educational institutes, schools and end users.
A rich and valuable asset of documental material among  scientific papers, researches and practical demonstrations was produced by the HeLLo project and this cooperation aims to put the basis for its use and exploitation in benefit of the entire community of cultural heritage researchers.

List of open access papers on the results of the HeLLo  research:

  2. energies – Applied Research of the Hygrothermal Behaviour of an Internally Insulated Historic Wall without Vapour Barrier: In Situ Measurements and Dynamic Simulations
  3. energies – Design and Construction of a New Metering Hot Box for the In Situ Hygrothermal Measurement in Dynamic Conditions of Historic Masonries
  4. ijesd – From the Dynamic Simulations Assessment of the Hygrothermal Behavior of Internal Insulation Systems for Historic Buildings towards the HeLLo Project
  5. EfS 2019 – 4th Energy for Sustainability International Conference – Designing a sustainable future –The HELLO PROJECT: risk analysis and mitigation strategies
  6. electronics –  Development of a Compatible, Low Cost and High Accurate Conservation Remote Sensing Technology for the Hygrothermal Assessment of Historic Walls
  7. L’Ufficio Tecnico – Laboratori “aperti” per l’efficientamento energetico del patrimonio storico(in Italian)

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