New strategy for GAL ELIMOS




In recent months, GAL ELIMOS, which stands for Local Action Group, has been working intensively on drafting the new strategy for the year 2024-2027.

GALs, or Local Action Groups, are intermediary bodies that represent the collective interests of specific territorial areas. Their primary role is to implement integrated programs as development agencies, in line with the principle of subsidiarity, by decentralizing the management of Structural Funds.

GALs are tasked with implementing the “Quality of Life in Rural Areas and Diversification of Rural Economy” and the “Leader Approach Implementation” of the Rural Development Program in the Sicilian region. They follow an integrated, bottom-up, and multisectoral approach to achieve this. Their activities include providing support for the establishment and growth of micro-enterprises and promoting tourism initiatives.

As GAL ELIMOS is focused on crafting the new strategy, it incorporated the INCULTUM pilot project and, more importantly, the entire concept of INCULTUM. The aim is to secure funding through European funds not only to complete the INCULTUM project but also to sustain the idea in the future. GAL ELIMOS has developed measures related to the
quality of life in rural areas, essential services for the rural economy and population, village development and revitalization, and the protection and enhancement of rural, cultural, and archaeological heritage.

The full article about the new strategy is available here for download.






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