Call for Papers: ECHIC Conference 2019

ECHIC 2Following a string of successful conferences in major European cities (Dublin, Utrecht, Nottingham, Oporto, Pamplona, Macerata, Edinburgh and Leuven) the next Conference of the European Consortium for Humanities Institutes and Centres (ECHIC will be held in Athens in April 2019. The conference will be hosted in collaboration with the University of the Peloponnese and other participating Greek education and cultural institutions, such as the Athens School of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Modern Art & the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.
The conference programme will feature keynote lectures, conference papers, project presentations/demos, panel discussions, as well as the annual meeting of ECHIC and networking workshops. Depending on interest during registration, the programme will also include extra options of guided tours and visits to sites of cultural interest, such as the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, the National Library, and a day-trip to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus or the spectacular temple of Neptune at Sounion.
Papers and discussions will address the interface between humanities and the arts within Europe in a globalised world. The conference will focus on the creative industries as a paradigmatic topos of such confluences. It will also reflect on questions about the relation between creative economies and cultural democracy, and, at a more fundamental level, of the relation between creativity, ethics and politics which cut across boundaries between the Humanites, the Arts and Social Sciences and speak to contemporary concerns beyond academia.
Along these theoretical axes, some of the topics suggested for discussion are (not limited to) the following:
– Arts and the humanities; historical perspectives
– Arts and performance: festivals and other public events
– Archeology, Museum  and Heritage Industries
– Digital   technologies,  creative  archives and visual cultural industries
– Book culture and the publishing industry
– Translation, creativity, and economy
– Education and the creative economy
– Creative Commons
– Democracy, politics and creativity
– Ethical issues in the creative industries
– Community art and humanities projects;
– Creative economy on a national and globalised level
– Crisis, development and creative industries
– Funded arts and humanities projects – policies, good practices and Showcases

They are invited proposals for either 20-minute academic papers or 10-minute project presentations/demos in intersecting areas of arts and the humanities broadly outlined above. Early career researchers and coordinators of funded projects are particularly welcome to submit. Proposals for panels are also welcome.
Submit of a short biographical note together with an abstract of 150 words for a proposed panel or individual presentation/ demo should be sent at both the following addresses: and
Conference Organiser
Dr Angeliki Spiropoulou
Associate Professor of European Literature and Theory, University of the Peloponnese;
Research Fellow, School of Advanced Study-University of London

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