ILUCIDARE Policy recommendations to promote heritage as a source for innovation and international relations


ILUCIDARE, EU-funded H2020 project aimed at establishing an international network that promotes heritage as a resource for innovation and in international relations, has just published its policy recommendations resulting from the project’s activities.

Evidence gathered by ILUCIDARE during its activities shows how heritage resources are important drivers for innovation and international relations, stimulating a variety of impacts both locally and internationally.

Building on the ILUCIDARE learnings, the document includes proposals to better understand the value of heritage beyond its cultural value with respect to its contribution to (social) innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation, education or international cooperation and intends to provide recommendations on how policy should be framed to make the most of heritage to support innovation, international relations and contribute to a greener, more inclusive and sustainable future. More specifically, these policy recommendations aim:

  • To show the need to strengthen and improve heritage policy making to further unleash the potential of cultural heritage to contribute to innovation and international relations;
  • To help policy makers understand the value of heritage investment;
  • To guide future policy action with concrete measures addressing governance, legal and funding issues;
  • To empower heritage stakeholders to influence policy making and better develop heritage-led innovation and heritage-led international relations projects.

The recommendations can be downloaded at


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