FLIP: the preparatory action to build a stronger resilience of the cultural and creative sector


From the achievements reached by Pilot project Creative FLIP (2019-2021), co-funded by the EU, “FLIP – Finance, Learning, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights for CCS” was arose; this new phase of Creative FLIP will be running from 2021-2023 with the goal of building a stronger resilience of the cultural and creative sector, by further strengthening their overall ecosystem.

The Preparatory Action Creative FLIP (2019-2021) had the main objective to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) with respect to the four key policy areas: Finance, Learning/Skills, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights.

The work was carried out with the purpose of:

  • improve the finance and patenting ecosystem to strengthen CCIs’ capacities for growth and development through improved access to finance , value recognition, and capacities to capture value from Intellectual Property for actors in the CCI
  • promote the transversal relevance of skills and connect CCIs with other sectors through support of skills development and promotion of creative skills.

The next phase of the Creative FLIP (2021-2023) was launched in September 2021 and has the main objective of realizing a stronger resilience of the cultural and creative sector, by further strengthening the overall CCIs ecosystem and supporting the capacities of its actors in the fields of Finance, Learning / Skills, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights.
This general objective will be pursued through the implementation of 12 specific objectives and different activities (research, focus groups and development of tools) and ensuring synergies between the different project themes.

Further information:
Pilot project Creative FLIP (2019-2021)
Creative FLIP next phase (2021-2023)


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