FEDERCULTURE 2014: new courses started


federculture formaFEDERCULTURE
(Italian federation of companies and corporations for the management of culture, tourism, sport and free-time) restarts its training project. On the 20th of May 2014, in Rome, was held the first course of a cycle devoted to deepening several aspects of the cultural services management: fundraising techniques, information day about the next EU announcements for culture, fiscal issues of sponsorship, new frontiers of cultural marketing.

The seminars are addressed to managers, officers and operators of public administrations and firms, public/private institutions, companies and associations, professionals and entrepreneurs working in the field of the culture, sport and free-time services.

The meetings are a useful opportunity for keeping constantly updated about the most innovative tools of the sector and are conceived to foster the interaction between instructors and participants in the courses.

The contents of the lessons will be constantly supported by the presentation of practical experiences in order to facilitate the knowledge transfer.

FEDERCULTURE association represents the most important cultural companies of Italy, many of which are excellences at a European level. Federculture supports the role played by the enterprise for the management of cultural heritage and activities, as progress factor of the sector.

For more invormation:

visit http://www.federculture.it/formazione-federculture-2014/

download the course programme (Italian language)

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