Call for participation for UNCHARTED project: HERIWELL invites the supporting partners to join the Deliberative Event


The event is part of a 3-days online participatory initiative, targeting different audiences, with the goal of discussing and validating the main concepts and approach of the HERIWELL project. The first 2 workshops will be followed by a final event, presenting the findings of the discussions.
The HERIWELL Supporting Partner Deliberative event will take place on-line on the 15th of December from 14,00 to 17,00 (CET).The HERIWELL team will provide participants with a short document presenting the HERIWELL goals and preliminary findings as well as a detailed agenda of the workshop.
Main topics of discussion:

  • Presentation of the agenda, goals and outputs of the deliberative event (HERIWELL Project team)
  • First round of discussion: validating the domains of societal well-being most related to Cultural Heritage.
  • Second round of discussion: validating the definition of cultural heritage provided by the HERIWELL project.
  • Third round of discussion: the societal well-being most important areas to investigate, according to the actual priorities and challenges, and feasibility of the analysis.
  • Synthesis and next steps

As supporting partner of HERIWELL, UNCHARTED will take part to the meeting.

Participation shall be confirmed via email by Monday 7th December. The HERIWELL team will provide the project documents useful for the discussion and a detailed agenda of the event.
Supporting Partners profile form, is available here
More information on HERIWELL here


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