WEAVE LabDays continue to support institutions safeguarding tangible and intangible heritage


text and image courtesy of Rosa Cisneros.

credits: WEAVE-CultureMoves

Over the last few months, the WEAVE team (Rosa Cisneros, Marie-Louise Crawley and Sarah Whatley) have been busy co-ordinating a series of ten project LabDays held in conjunction with partners IN2, ARCTUR, UNL, ERIAC, Europeana Foundation, PhotoConsortium, CRDI-Ajuntament de Girona, KU Leuven, TopFoto, PédeXumbo, as well as with artists and organisations such as the Early Dance Circle.

Underpinned by Communicative Methodology, these LabDays have been designed to engage a range of different communities with project activities and to reflect upon the cultural heritage content and archival collections to be aggregated to Europeana throughout the project in a collaboratively-held space where all voices are acknowledged and valued. With topics ranging from the ‘Digital Innovation of Cultural Heritage’, ‘Roma Self-Representation in the History of the Venice Biennale’, ‘Presenting Europeana’,  ‘A Workshop of Portuguese Dances’ to ‘Poetry and Photography’, ‘Castellers in the World’ and ‘Early Dance’, the LabDays have offered open spaces to discuss important questions about how communities and cultural heritage institutions can work together to safeguard and manage tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This first set of LabDays will feed into a second series of events, programmed for Spring 2022, focussing on capacity building and how we can continue to work with archives, collections, art institutions and museums.

Past and forthcoming LabDays, please visit https://weave-culture.eu/labdays/

The WEAVE team has also recently published a White Paper on the ‘Digital Transformation of Intangible Cultural Heritage’ available here: https://weave-culture.eu/resources/

To learn more about the digital tools being developed in WEAVE, please visit https://weave-culture.eu/weave-toolkit/

Website: https://weave-culture.eu/





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