WEAVE LabDay: Digital Innovation of Cultural Heritage: 3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage


WEAVE, Widen European Access to cultural communities Via Europeana, is a project co-financed by the European Union under the CEF Connecting Europe Facility Programme with the aim of enriching Europeana with great content of tangible and intangible heritage of cultural communities, safeguarding the rich and invaluable cultural heritage which they represent.
WEAVE has organized a series of LabDays, the first of which will take place tomorrow 1st October 2021. The event, named “Digital Innovation of Cultural Heritage: 3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage”, will be hold on line, organized by the partner ARCTUR (Slovenia) in collaboration with Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (Portugal) and Coventry University (UK).

The purpose is to offer information about the digital innovation of cultural heritage, including various aspects of digital innovation, with the main focus on 3D objects.

Main topics:

  • The advantages of investing in cultural heritage tourism
  • A short presentation of the development of interactive experiences (3D movie, hologram, 3D printing, virtual tours with the 3D objects, interactive table with 3D objects, enriched reality, VR360movie with the 3D objects, VR games, etc.)
  • How to prepare a good concept with defined target groups and user experience
    Cooperation of key stakeholders in the process of digitisation and the digitalisation of cultural heritage
  • The digitising process: digital capture, point clouds, photogrammetry and laser scanning, data processing, simulated reconstructions on practical case studies of cultural heritage objects.

Registration for this event is available here.

To know the dates of the LabDays, you can consult the page LabDays – WEAVE (weave-culture.eu)


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