WEAVE LabDay, Data Asset and Storytelling


images courtesy TopFoto.co.uk

On 17th May 2022, the WEAVE team held a special consultation event with invited experts from the Roma community to review the beautiful TopFoto’s photographic collection of Roma heritage, which will be delivered to Europeana as part of the new digital contents relating to intangible heritage and minority communities.

In the evening around the camp fire the family sing and play their violins. ©Topfoto.co.uk

Within the scope of WEAVE’s capacity building work and another important strand of the project to improve the quality of collections (in terms of building more representative content and metadata), the consultation investigated potential problematic issues with current Roma heritage collections and tried to find potential solutions to these.

The consultation took place in two parts: Part 1 ‘expert commentary/review’, aims to understand the main ‘problems’ encountered in looking at the collection, the most recurrent metadata/terminology-related corrections and any other issues that may result in offense or misrepresentation of the minoritised community. In Part 2 ‘guided storytelling’, a participatory discussion between our invited experts and project partners, we explored how different images read (e.g. Which images best represent the community? Which images are more nuanced?).

Although a closed event, the process was documented to be able to share our thinking and findings with other content owners and Europeana Aggregators who may hold problematic heritage collections.

1950s: the people who live in the camp earn their living by working on the farms of Kent during the season, and in the hopfields during the short hop harvest. ©Topfoto.co.uk


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