INCULTUM in Denmark: networking with stakeholders


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INCULTUM collaboration partner Geopark South Funen Archipelago organized on October 14 2022 a workshop focused on “Co-design of Geotourism” with a number of stakeholders in the territory.

In the workshop, prof. Carsten Humlebæk (Copenhagen Business School) was invited to present the work ongoing in the project and particularly in the innovations explored in the INCULTUM Pilots.

Although still mid-term in the project and thus not completely ready yet for the market, the INCULTUM innovations were throughoutly presented, among which the payment-for-services contract that the pilot in the Altiplano de Granada is developing.

There are differences between Geopark projects and INCULTUM but also many overlaps, since Geopark-designation is often used to foster sustainable economic, social and cultural development that will make it possible for communities to keep on living in the area. A lot of the solutions/innovations of INCULTUM Pilots are therefore of interest to various stakeholders of the Geopark, since they struggle with similar problems.

Geopark South Funen Archipelago:



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