EUreka3D project starting 1st January 2023


3D digital creating, by Situ Xiaochun

EUreka3D is a project funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union, to support the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector, by offering capacity building and training, and new services, to Cultural Heritage Institutions facing the challenge of advancing in the digitization effort, especially in 3D digitization, access, storage, sharing.

The project will offer a capacity building and knowledge programme, next to services and resources developed in a piloting action based on smart technical infrastructures and tools, also registered on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This virtual space will allow cultural heritage institutions to use storage and computing resources to manage their 3D assets, which will give smaller institutions an affordable and simpler way to digitise, model, manage and share 3D records.

Additionally, the project will aggregate and publish a variety of high-quality 2D and 3D digital records in website as well as offer clear examples for the use and reuse of the cultural content in neighbouring areas such as tourism and education. Finally, it will support institutions by developing training material for 3D digitisation, data processing and publication on as well as organising training activities to support cultural heritage institutions with the use of the virtual space. The project will perform an impact assessment to enable the sustainability of the virtual space.

The kick-off meeting is organized by the project coordinator PHOTOCONSORTIUM in Pisa on 23-34 January 2023.

EUreka3D factsheet:

  • Project’s name: European Union’s REKonstructed content in 3D
  • Grant Agreement nr: 101100685
  • Start date: 01/01/2023
  • EU Grant: 999.754,50 Eur

The project runs for 24 months and is led by PHOTOCONSORTIUM, International Consortium For Photographic Heritage (Italy).

The other members of the consortium are:

  • Cyprus University Of Technology (CUT), Cyprus
  • Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) Girona, Spain
  • Bibracte, France
  • Museo Della Carta Di Pescia, Italy
  • Europeana Foundation, The Netherlands
  • EGI Foundation, The Netherlands
    • Academic Computer Center CYFRONET AGH, Poland



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