«De Volta aos Bailes mandados em Portugal» the new project of PédeXumbo


WEAVE partner PédeXumbo announces a new project about traditional heritage dances for which synergies with WEAVE will be explored.

The project is focused on the “Bailes Mandados”, a varied dance practice where all the dances have in common the fact that there is a supervisor, who announces choreographic figures to be performed. This mandador can sometimes be a dancer at the same time, or stand next to the musicians.

The project was one of the winners of the 4th edition of EDP’s Tradições program, and is currently underway. A good part of the theoretical work has already begun, with the production of four articles on each of the Bailes Mandados that are part of the project, by researcher Sophie Coquelin:

«O Fado Mandado na Lousã. Fado e Dança Social em Portugal.»

«A Valsa Mandada no Litoral Alentejo, uma valsa amazurcada?»

«Vira, Chula e Cana Verde/Malhão. Os bailes mandados no Minho»

«A Contradança no Baile da Pinha em Reguengos de Monsaraz.»

The articles (Portuguese language) are available at http://pedexumbo.com/de-volta-aos-bailes-mandados-em-portugal/

In March, April and May, the practical part of the project will be developed, in which three trainers will be in four different regions of Portugal (Sines in Litoral Alentejo, Lousã in Beira Litoral, Arcos de Valdevez in Minho and reguengos de Monsaraz in Alentejo, exploring these choreographic practices and teaching them to the community to be reviewed, learned, kept alive and for to find new “mandadores”. In this context videos and photography will be recorded for dissemination and educational purposes.

The materials produced by project, which combines research with practice, will be of high interest for the dance research communities. the collaboration with WEAVE and discussions are it could be a good opportunity for everyone to have it in Europeana

More info about the project (Portuguese language, English translation coming soon): http://pedexumbo.com/de-volta-aos-bailes-mandados-em-portugal/



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