FOOD LANDSCAPES, workshop organized by the INCULTUM Pilot in Portugal


The workshop “Food Landscapes”  was organized by the University of Algarve, IN LOCO Association in the context of the INCULTUM Pilot dedicated to the hydraulic heritage of Campina de Faro.

26th May 2023 h. 9.30

Where: Loulé, Sala da Junta de Freguesia de São Sebastião


The workshop was focused on water heritage, agroecology and food sovereignship, and was addressed to local producers, technicians from public institutions, tour guides and other small tourist agents, university and secondary school students, other local development agents and citizens with an interest in the subject.

The workshop had three distinct parts. The first part involved sharing good practices de agroecology and water heritage recovery, with the participation of different stakeholders (a private company producing and catering for local and seasonal products, an association for the defense of natural and cultural heritage and a cooperative for the development of low density territories). In the second part, there was the opportunity to taste food products from local vegetable gardens associated with the Mediterranean diet. In the third part, there was a training session corresponding to the creation of an interpretation path of the landscape and water heritage. This training session and innovation workshop was attended by 35 people from the local community and stakeholders.



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