CitizenHeritage presented at DHC 2022 in Sheffield


The Digital Humanities Congress is a conference hosted by the DHI at the University of Sheffield every two years. Its purpose is to promote the sharing of knowledge, ideas and techniques within the digital humanities. The fifth Congress was held in Sheffield from 8th – 10th September 2022. The programme included three keynote speakers and 44 papers, as well as plenary presentations.

The talk delivered by CitizenHeritage coordinator prof. Fred Truyen (KU Leuven) was entitled CitizenHeritage: Crowdsourcing, Digital Curation and Citizen Science with European Photographic Collections, and discussed the results of work on Photographic Heritage collections in a series of EU-funded research projects among which “Kaleidoscope: the 1950s in Europe” and “Europeana XX: Century of Change”, where digitised collections were contributed to Europeana, and both AI as well as crowdsourcing technologies were used to enrich metadata. In the context of the project CitizenHeritage, the talk indicated a roadmap in how this can lead to genuine citizen science.

In pursuit of the many “Visual identities of Europe” in the 20th century, editorials and hybrid virtual/physical exhibitions were curated based on aggregated collections from a wide variety of heritage institutions, allowing to explore new relations between and objects, representations and narratives. The presentation explained how data aggregation, AI-supported data improvement and crowdsourced data validation contribute to innovative heritage research, involving citizens and stakeholder communities.

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