WEAVE LabDay with Early Dance Circle


COVUNI (Centre for Dance Research, C-DaRE) and the Early Dance Circle (EDC) are collaborating to organise an Early Dance LabDay where we learned more about the work the charity is doing across the UK, got a sense of the various periods they cover, gained insight into their online activities and also learned more about the content they are providing for the WEAVE project.

Historical dance revival is important in a cultural perspective as it is not only a way to interact with intangible heritage and culture, but also a social activity that creates bonds among persons. A key question in the LabDay was in facts how we can get young generations engaged with this topic, which is not only reserved to conoissuers and fans.

The LabDay also revisited the EDC Baroque Dance MOOC developed under the CEF CultureMoves project. For the Early Dance Module where a collaboration with the Early Dance Circle and Chalemie took place, the module provided an introduction to Baroque dance focused on its more formal couple dances, rather than its professional, stage and comedic (more virtuosic) sides, or its rich and various heritage of country dances involving sets of dancers.

The LabDay also explored how the EDC and the content provided to Europeana is opening up a conversation about the importance of historical dance and music  because of its relevance for engagement in historic buildings and other cultural heritage sites. The LabDay offered participants the opportunity to learn more about historical dance and join a conversation on the ways in which archival material can be reimagined in a modern context.

More info: https://weave-culture.eu/2021/11/17/early-dance-circle-labday/




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