The UNCHARTED value of the culture, a new EU project!


The 1st February started a new EU project, UNCHARTED, focused on the valuation practices of the actors involved in cultural life.
UNCHARTED is a four years project which responds to the H2020 “Transformations” call: The societal value of culture and the impact of cultural policies in Europe.

Coordinated by the University of Barcelona with the participation of experts who covers a plurality of fields, the UNCHARTED consortium comprises 9 academic partners and one SME. The academic team assembles a plural group of social scientists from several European regions (Spain, Portugal, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Norway) with a large experience in participating and leading European research projects.

UNCHARTED aims to define the social values associated with culture, their configuration and the political impulse that these values could deliver to the society. The main objectives are:
1. to provide a broader vision of the value of culture in Europe
2. to identify and contextualize the emergence and configuration of cultural values in Europe
3. to co-create new conceptual and methodological tools to understand, evaluate, measure and improve statistical data for capturing the plurality of values of culture
4. to give tools and systematic guidelines for the reorientation of cultural policy in a pluralistic sense.

In order to achieve these objectives, the work has been divided into eight work packages:
WP 1: Understanding the societal value of culture
WP 2: Identifying the emergence of values of culture
WP 3: Measuring and imagining
WP 4: Analyzing political intervention and impact
WP 5: Experimental demonstrations.
WP6: Communication and Dissemination
WP 7: Project Management
WP 8: Ethics requirements
UNCHARTED partners will meet for kicking off all the activities on Friday 7th February, in Paris.
This event will be kindly hosted by the University of Paris 8 that is partner of the project.
Further information: UNCHARTED website


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