Successful workshop for the UNCHARTED project


The first UNCHARTED co-creation workshop that was concluded last Friday 17th of September 2021 signed an important step for the project.

The choise to run it in a hybrid manner, both in presence and on line, facilitated the interactions and fostered participation within the attendees.
The first day was dedicated to present case studies about the emergence of values of culture in cultural participation, with focus on live arts and media, cultural production and heritage management, and on cultural administration.
The programme was concluded by a special session titled “The challenge of representing cultural value” which hosted the contributions of two key-note speakers: Valentina Montalto of the Joint Research Centre and Ben Walmsley of the University of Leeds.
The second day was devoted to face the conflictual plurality of values in cultural participation, cultural production and heritage, and in cultural administration. All panels confronted synthetic presentations with practical reflections by institutional stakeholders.
A Round-table about Covid-19 impact on the values of culture in cultural participation closed the works followed by a concluding remarks session.

A cultural program enriched the workshop with:

  • a dance spectable (Dis)encounters by Estùdio de Dança Margarida Valle.
    In an unexpected journey of transparente and fragiel hope, inequalities are revealed by (dis)encounters. Music by Dinu Lipatti “Piano Concertino in the Classical Style, OP.3: II. Adagio molto”
  • the exhibition TRAVESSIA by Susan Meiselas, curated by Lydia Matthews.
    TRAVESSIA is an experiemntal, collaborative “expanded documentary” project.
    Annotated photos focus on the African and Afro-descendent communities in Porto, exploring the variety of crossings that shape contemporary Black life in the city of Porto.”

A photo gallery reporting the two-day event is available on the workshop webpage.


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