Meeting in Lisbon for projects on sustainable cultural tourism


Organized by IMPACTOUR project coordinator prof. João Martins from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the NOVA School of Science and Technology in Lisbon, a friendly meeting took place on 5th July in hybrid format, attended by the representatives of six EU-funded projects all involved with sustainable tourism: next to IMPACTOUR there were INCULTUM, SPOT, TEXTOUR, BE.CULTOUR, and SMARTCULTOUR.

Agenda of the meeting: PDF

Scope of the meeting that follows a similar one held in March 2022 is to progress on the path of collaboration and synergies especially in two areas: policy recommendations for supporting decision makers in cultural, rural and touristic development in Europe; and a coomon line of action to grant sustainability of project’s outcomes and web resources beyond the end of the funding period.

The first part of the meeting was also attended by the project officer Rodrigo Martín Galán, who is aiming to realize a policy roundtable under the aegis of the European Commission, expected to take place in Brussels in Autumn 2022.

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