INCULTUM meeting about policies, innovation and training


On the 5th September 2022, in an online meeting coordinated by partner Bibracte, the INCULTUM partners met to discuss the ongoing work in the area of policy recommendations and innovation.

After a brief opening introduction by Antonella Fresa (Promoter), the group initiated a roundtable discussion for the development of the Policy Brief deliverable, that was presented in its context, targets, objectives, methodology by responsible partner Bibracte, Vincent Guichard, general manager, and Matei Gheorghiu, sociologist and researcher. Various questions and suggestions came from the partners and offered good reflections to inform the document development.

This work on policy recommendation links to other areas of research of INCULTUM, and especially on the use of European Structural and Investment Funds, which will be the subject of specific guidelines developed by partner SDU. The access and use of Structural funds also has a relevance for planning the exploitation of the project’s results, particularly by the INCULTUM Pilots, some of which are already using structural funds for their innovation activities. Such expertise can also be leveraged in the project, not only in terms of training, but also in the direction of possible replications and re-use of good practices.

This aspect brought the meeting to discuss the importance of innovation and the innovation manager role in the consortium, that is a task conducted by the Coordinator José Maria Martin Civantos (University of Granada), and the upgrading and extension of the project’s Training Portal published by partner Promoter with collaboration of the University of Pisa, who is responsible for the training task.


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