Cultural tourism workshop organized at EUROMED 2022


The event is organized in the framework of EUROMED (7-11 November 2022) by H2020 project INCULTUM, to discuss about the role of community engagement and citizen participation in enhancing and promoting sustainable tourism in peripheral areas that are not often part of the mass tourism itineraries. INCULTUM research, experiments and findings are oriented to foster positive impacts of cultural tourism, and to demonstrate the high potential of the marginal and peripheral places, cultural heritage and resources when managed by local communities and stakeholders.

This workshop is addressed to cultural managers, cultural heritage institutions, local communities with a stake on tourism potential of their areas, policy makers and researchers on sustainable tourism and local promotion.

Draft programme


Introduction: scope of this workshop – Antonella Fresa, Promoter

Policies and participatory model development – Alexandra Butisikova and Kamila Borsekova, Matej Bel University

Impact, evaluation and exploitation of the plurality of paths to market for participatory approaches to local tourism – Carsten Jacob Humlebæk, Copenhagen Business School


Highlights from the INCULTUM Pilots (moderated by Antonella Fresa)

• Altiplano de Granada, Desert landscapes and oasis – University of Granada

• Escape into the archipelago landscape – Uppsala University

• Mining treasures of Central Slovakia – Matej Bel University

• Historic Graves of Ireland – EACTHRA

• Aoos the shared rived – The High Mountains cooperative

• Bibracte-Morvan: ancient paths into the future – Bibracte

• Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Garfagnana – University of Pisa




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