Coordination meeting among projects on sustainable cultural tourism


Initiated by IMPACTOUR project coordinator prof. João Martins from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the NOVA School of Science and Technology in Lisbon, a very productive and friendly meeting took place on 11th March between the representatives of a number of projects all involved with sustainable tourism.

The projects invited in the meeting hosted by IMPACTOUR were INCULTUM, SPOT, TEXTOUR, BE-CULTOUR, SMARTCULTOUR and RURITAGE. These projects are in different stages of progress (some close to the end, others in the middle, others at the beginning) and it is therefore important to establish collaboration and synergies on the common strands of work and the common challenges.

The scope of the call was to discuss about two main themes:

– the organization of a joint workshop to address the topic of post-project life of web portals. All the EU-funded projects normally produce a lot of documents and resources that are stored and kept after the end of the project term in the project’s website. This is already a way to maintan project’s outcomes which are not dispersed after the project is concluded, but the project’s activity is nevertheless “frozen” together with its documents. This is a very important issue to debate and find cleaver solutions o solve it, in the light of a real sustainability of the project’s outcomes. The workshop is expected to take place in July 2022, possibly in hybrid form.

– the realization of a policy roundtable under the aegis of the European Commission, to share views and seek for sinergies across the projects’ strands of policy development in the same area of sustainable cultural tourism. This event is expected to take place in Brussels in September 2022.

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