Call for registration is now open for the International Workshop on Heritage sites in the Balkans


Professionals and organizations involved in preservation, management and valorisation of Komani, of other heritage sites in the Drin Valley, Albania and the Balkan region as well as relevant speakers with an important experience in preservation of Balkans heritage are invites to join this three-and-a-half day exchange workshop about heritage sites sustainable management in the Balkans, based on case studies and shared experiences.
The plenary sessions will take place at Villa Franceze located on Komani site (Vau i Dejës municipality). There will be a full day on the field at Komani.The closing session will take place during an official event in Tirana.
Based on Komani case study and on the Grands Sites de France approach, the workshop intends to feed discussion about integrated management of heritage areas.
The seminar is co-organized by the Franco-Albanian archaeological mission of Drin Valley, the municipality of Vau i Dejës and the Réseau des Grands Sites de France (RGSF), in collaboration with the Grand Site de France Bibracte-Mont Beuvray, the French Embassy in Albania, as well as the partners of the RGSF’s International Francophone Centre.
The Grands Sites de France Network is an organisation, bringing together local authorities responsible for both day-to-day operations and long-term evolution of the most remarkable protected landscapes in France (50 affiliated sites, 32 million visitors per year : Pont du Gard, Cliffs of Etretat, Dune of Pilat,…). Since 2010, it manages the International Centre for training and exchange of francophone heritage site managers. The latter organizes trainings in integrated management of heritage sites under the patronage of UNESCO and field workshops. It coordinates an online exchanges network of 130 professionals from 35 countries and supports international cooperation projects between sites.
The Grands Sites de France Network with its national policy, it’s a remarkable point of reference for all private and public organization that are willing to take care of their national heritage sites.
It takes part in national and international reflection on the future of these areas of outstanding natural beauty and heritage site, facing their long-term conservation within the context of growing pressure from tourism.
Download the call for registration
Read more about The Grands Sites de France Network(RGSF)
Link to the International Centre for training and exchange of francophone heritage site managers


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