Ars Electronica Festival 2022: Welcome to Planet B


From 7 to 11 September 2022, the Ars Electronica Festival for art, technology and society  will be held in Linz.

The first edition of the Ars Electronica Festival was launched in 1979 to take the emergence of the digital revolution as an opportunity to examine the potential future and to focus these questions on the link between art, technology and society.

Since then, every year, the Festival has offered cultural and scientific meetings focused on a specific theme that is discussed in public and together with people from all walks of life, since one of Ars Electronica’s distinctive objectives is to leave conventional conference rooms and artistic spaces and stage an internationally unique festival of art, technology and society.

The 2022 topic addresses the need to change our life on this planet to prevent ecological disaster. The title is “Welcome to planet B“, where “Planet B” means a different, indispensable, new action, it is a chance for a new and fair coexistence of humans on this planet.

The event will explore how art, technology and creativity can help overcome crises and design a positive future and worth living for ourselves and all those who come after us.

The rich program of the event includes concerts, exciting performances and lots of art, technology and new inspirations; there will be conferences to promote stimulating discussions and workshops where you can exchange experiences, ideas and draw mutual inspiration.

The detailed program of the event is available on the festival web page at
The festival catalogue can be downloaded at


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