The closing event of the INCULTUM pilot of San Pellegrino in Alpe


On 20 May, the INCULTUM project met with schools and local institutions in the closing event of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.
The research team of the University of Pisa, leader of the Pilot 5 related to the case of San Pellegrino in Alpe – Garfagnana, organised a final event attended by the administrations of the Province of Lucca, the local Municipality group (“Unione dei Comuni”), and the high school students of the ISI Garfagnana institute, accompanied not only by their professors, and by the Director Prof. Mila Berchiolli and vice-Director Prof. Nicoletta Picchi.

During the meeting, the research team composed of Prof. Enrica Lemmi and Prof. Fosca Giannotti, and by the researchers Adele Cogno, Andrea Pedri and Martina Pirrone, presented the experimental projects developed on the San Pellegrino site in recent years, highlighting the objectives and comparing them with the achieved results.  Future prospects of the medieval village and the ‘Don Luigi Pellegrini’ ethnographic museum were discussed.

The event was also characterised by the staging of the theatrical performance ‘Un prete, due santi, un confine e 4000 pezzi unici’ (A priest, two saints, a border and 4,000 unique pieces), performed by actress Elisabetta Salvatori: an accurate historical journey centred on the vicissitudes that led to the birth of the local museum and on the characters of the village’s past, who, even today, come alive through the museum exhibition and its objects.


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