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ThinkCode is a start-up company which designs and develops custom intelligent solutions and high-end software products by adopting and applying cutting-edge technology in the area of Artificial Intelligence into real- word applications. Consisting of people with strong research and industrial background, ThinkCode provides AI-enabled services that span a great range of applications such as Image Annotation, Sentiment Analysis, and Metadata Enrichment. In addition, by implementing the groundbreaking, yet challenging, human-in-the-loop model, the company manages to combine the best of human and machine intelligence in order to build real working solutions.

The company focuses on the Computer Vision field, as image analysis and manipulation has been the main area of expertise of its people, from the theoretical as well as the practical point of view. State-of the-art deep learning technologies have been applied to images and videos for a variety of applications, including object detection, image segmentation, and photo aesthetics extraction and evaluation. Furthermore, our know-how has been transferred to the audio data analysis field as well, with deep neural networks developed for song classification and instrument recognition in recordings from modern and historical sound archives. ThinkCode does not limit itself to developing and applying AI algorithms to images, text and sound, but produces high quality visualization tools for any from the above services.

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This is achieved through intuitive graphical user interfaces, conforming to strict design principles in order to improve the user experience, thus resulting in a complete end-to-end AI software service. Synapsis (Smart coNtent AnalySIs Service) is a core company service which puts into practice the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques and offers a variety of utilities concerning the image and sound analysis field, accompanied by a user friendly UI and an application programming interface (API) for third party applications.

For WEAVE, ThinkCode is involved in technical expertise, leading the developments on the metadata enrichment tools, and also part of the technical support for the aggregation of content to Europeana.


Orfeas Menis – Mastromichalakis (he/him) is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in ThinkCode since June 2021. He is also a Research Associate in the Artificial Intelligence and Learning Systems Laboratory of the National Τechnical University of Athens, where he holds the position of Ph.D. student since October 2020. He has published papers in various scientific conferences and journals and has been involved in numerous European projects regarding the digitization, management, and enrichment of Cultural Heritage. Since June 2021 he is also a member of the Expert group οn AI literacy of the Council of Europe.

Anna Christaki (she/her) is a senior software engineer and founder of Thinkcode, specialising in software solutions. She graduated from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and received her MSc in Advanced Computing from the Computer Science Department, University of Bristol, UK. She has many years of experience as a Full Stack Web Developer and has worked with different web technologies. She has a deep understanding of how a web application gets done from concept to design to completion and can communicate effectively with product owners, UX teams, frontend and backend developers throughout the analysis, design and product implementation. She has participated as a developer in several European projects such as EUscreen, EUscreenXL, Europeana Fashion, Europeana Sounds, Photography and E-Space crafting solutions for the management, aggregation and creative reuse of digital cultural heritage.



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