INCULTUM Training session with heritage specialists in the Municipality of Përmet


Article and images courtesy of Eglantina Serjani (CeRPHAAL)

On May 23rd 2023, CeRPHAAL organized a training session with cultural heritage specialists at the Municipality of Përmet, the administrative centre in the pilot area in the Upper Vjosa valley, Albania.

The meeting aimed to bring up and discuss issues that cultural heritage tourism sector is currently facing in the area. During the last decades, tourism is emerging as a new and expanding sector in the economy of the region. However, the valley remains mainly a nature-based destination despite the rich cultural heritage resources that make a strong potential for cultural heritage tourism development.

Therefore, the focus of the discussion during the training was the neglected heritage potential of the territory, and how important it is to bring to light and promote this heritage. Here are included a diversity of cultural components, such as the aspects of the Vlach heritage, the monumental remains related to the Second World War and those of Communist time. Also, the participants were introduced to the innovative initiative undertaken during the INCULTUM project that tackles to study and highlights the great potential of Vlach minority heritage in the Vjosa valley.

Following this discussion, a field training tour has been scheduled to take place in July 2023, intended to provide a guided storytelling of the history of the town and its particular landmarks.

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