EUreka3D presented at Commission Expert Group on the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage


The 4th Meeting of the Commission Expert Group on the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage is taking place online on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July 2023.

The first day includes a session dedicated to the projects financed to support the Data space for Cultural Heritage under the Digital Europe Programme: EUreka3D, DE-BIAS, 5Dculture, AI4Europeana. All the projects presented and discussed progress and achievements so far, also exchanging knowledge. The networking with the other projects related to the Data Space started already, by initiative of EUreka3D coordinator Photoconsortium, during a collaboration session organized on 24 January 2023.

EUreka3D was presented by project coordinator Antonella Fresa explaining its progress and results in the first semester of work, with a focus on the project’s expected outcomes and contribution to the data space. It was clear that EUreka3D is very well fitting the current EU policies, with regard to the development of the Data Space for Cultural Heritage, the 3D digitization effort required in the coming period and the need of sharing the recommendation for high quality digitization according to the VIGIE Study 2020/654. In the developments of  EUreka3D it is also evident the link to the EOSC European Open Science Cloud and to the aims of the new programme for creating the ECCCH EuropeanaCollaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage.

Download Antonella’s presentation (PDF, 1 Mb)


On the second day, a session was dedicated to the 3D campaign coordinated by Europeana Foundation, to present the first achievements and plans for improving the amount and quality of 3D cultural collections with the TwinIt! campaign. The scope of the campaign is to invite Member States join forces and create a pan-european collection of key 3D models of cultural heritage in Europe, to be shared on the Data Space for Cultural Heritage.

TWIN IT! 3D FOR EUROPE’S CULTURE from Europeana on Vimeo.



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