EUreka3D at the XV Jornada d’Estudi i Debat in Barcelona


This annual conference is organized by the Professional Association of Archives and Document Management of Catalonia. The programme of 2024 edition discusses importance and challenges of establishing policies, strategies, processes, instruments and collaborations for the preservation of digital assets, and focuses on three main themes:

  • [DIGITAL ASSETS] What do we guard? This line reflects on the object itself (concept of digital heritage) and the archival challenges we face. (axis 1)
  • PROCESSES, TECHNOLOGY] How and where do we guard it? This line aims to reflect on the different technological models and the custody of digital heritage, as well as the technological challenges that arise from them. (axis 2)
  • [PEOPLE] Who guards? This line revolves around the aspects linked to the Catalan digital heritage strategy, such as the organizational structure, competences and the democratization of access. (axis 3)

As invited speaker, Antonella Fresa, vice president of Photoconsortium and project coordinator of EUreka3D, will deliver a presentation entitled Digital transformation of cultural heritage: challenges and opportunities, policies and good practices, also presenting the work being done in EUreka3D to support cultural institutions in the effort of implementing high quality and reusable 3D digitization processes to share their cultural collections.

Programme of the conference:


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