Thursday, 18 April 2024


[x+o] WebsiteVienna-based x+o Business Solutions GmbH was established in 2004 as a private partnership and become a private limited company in 2006. The original mission was to develop an innovative new type of project management software. This project management software is on the market on a licence fee basis ([x+o] PM-Tool) and on a rental basis (myPM-Tool). Since 2006 [x+o] is also offering consulting, training and client-tailored services with a strong focus on e-tourism solutions. This comes mainly from the history of the founder and general manager, Manfred Hackl, who has been working in the e-tourism research as a project manager and expert before and during the lifetime of [x+o]. This has thus become one of the main areas of activities of [x+o], who reached a turnover of more than 540.000,- and ahead count of more than 10 persons (9 FTE) without any external investments.