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Export date: Fri May 24 8:14:21 2024 / +0000 GMT

INCULTUM Albania pilot latest activities to support cultural tourism in the Upper Vjosa valley

Article and images courtesy of Eglantina Serjani (CeRPHAAL)

Activity 1 - New visitors' leaflets launched in the pilot area of the Upper Vjosa valley

In April 2023, INCULTUM partner CeRPHAAL in Albania launched new visitor leaflets about the cultural heritage assets of the Upper Vjosa valley, presenting for the first time to the public some of the lost and neglected heritage of the area, such as the Vlach culture, as well as several landmarks related to the Second World War and the Communist Period.

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Activity 2 - Training session with heritage specialists in the Municipality of Përmet in the Upper Vjosa valley

On May 23rd 2023, CeRPHAAL organized a training session with cultural heritage specialists at the Municipality of Përmet, the administrative centre in the pilot area in the Upper Vjosa valley, Albania. The meeting aimed to bring up and discuss issues that cultural heritage tourism sector is currently facing in the area. Following this discussion, a field training tour has been scheduled to take place in July, intended to provide a guided storytelling of the history of the town and its particular landmarks.

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Activity 3 - Arrangement of the interiors of the Vlach dwelling hut – the kalive, in the Upper Vjosa valley

The INCULTUM partner CeRPHAAL in Albania has identified the cultural heritage of the Vlach minority as the main product of their project's innovative actions, with initiatives  imed at recording, revitalizing and promoting the currently menaced cultural heritage values of the Vlach people. After the reconstruction of a Vlach authentic dwelling – the kalive in July of 2022, during the first half of May 2023, the CeRPHAAL team was engaged with the arrangements of the interiors of the dwelling hut and prepared a display of domestic objects used by local society in the past. This event is part of Vlach's open days program of activities scheduled to take place during the first week of July.

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