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Export date: Sun Mar 26 2:03:32 2023 / +0000 GMT

WEAVE presented at "Dance Research Matters" event

Co-hosted by C-DaRE and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), from the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, Dance Research Matters will include panel discussions on themes relevant for shaping the future of dance research.

WEAVE will be part of the presentations on panel 1 by Rosa Cisneros,  with a focus on how to evidence work with communities.

The day will flow through four main panels, with an introduction and scene setting from the AHRC, and a conversation between Baroness Deborah Bull and Christopher Smith, Executive Chair, AHRC.

Panel Themes:

  • Panel 1 - Dance research: how do we evidence value and the public benefit of dance research?

  • Panel 2 - Why practice matters – if practice is part of dance research, then what needs to change, to reflect the value of practice as an epistemic system?

  • Panel 3 - Dance research beyond borders. What are the conditions and contexts in which dance research can flourish?

  • Panel 4 - Research futures – PGRs and the research pathway, emerging fields.

More information and registration accessible HERE

Further reflections about the event by professor Sarah Whatley (Coventry University) IN THIS BLOG