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TECHNOLOGY for ALL Forum, 4th edition

The fourth edition of the TECHNOLOGYforALL Forum will be held in Rome from 17 to 19 October 2017.

Italy's role in the development and conservation of the world Heritage is a framework where we will try to analyse the weighted contribution of the technologies, that overcome the impact of the first innovative enthusiasm, and can actually be admitted to a cycle of production normed with shared standards for sustainable socio-economic development in which the intelligent innovation play a key role for the Territory, the Cultural Heritage and the Cities.

The program will emphasize as much as possible, the emerging content of the Forum in the use within the international context and the operations of Italian companies in the sectors where Italy plays a testimonial role in the world. The aim is not only the integration and interactivity impact of the technology, but it is also the sustainable socio-economic contribution in the production cycle to the final destination.

The day before the Conference, inside a Roma's archaelogical area, a Workshop on the field will be organized, where the manufacturers of instruments and service providers will be dynamically involved in the acquisition of data with advanced solutions from the production phase to the publication of mega and metadata.

In parallel with the conference are organized some events for training on the development, structuring and organization of information and on the web and on mobile vertical applications. The production processes that will be described affect a broad range of users, ranging from government agencies to private companies or professional researchers or finally from students to citizens.

The Conference aims to collect experiences with interventions on the results of the workshop on the field, giving the possibility for participants to retrace the process of acquisition and processing, enriched with the expertise and the presentations of keynote experts, best practices, achievements and projects.

Three days based on information and training, socialization and sharing, discussion and debate.