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Export date: Thu Jul 18 7:19:16 2024 / +0000 GMT

Paper by INCULTUM Portuguese pilot on cultural landscape of Campina de Faro.

The noria as a privileged expression of heritage andwater mastery | photo Desidério Batista

The cultural landscape of the Campina de Faro is characterized by the
presence of vegetable gardens and orchards associated with a historical,

evolving, and adaptable irrigation system, revealing a technological unit

(hydraulic infrastructures) and a social unit (local community).

The paper, "The cultural landscape of Campina de Faro: solutions based on water heritage and cultural tourism", focuses on INCULTUM's Portuguese pilot, located in the Algarve region in southern Portugal, and describes the process of research and cooperation carried out in the first two years of the project to fulfil their goals, reflecting and debating around the role and importance of the agrarian landscape and water heritage as a basis for community-based cultural tourism, in a territory subject to a process of disqualification.

To download and read the whole article (PDF, 9,78 MB), follow this link.