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Open e-IRG Workshop to discuss Infrastructures and e-Infrastructures

eu2013 ltThe e-IRG Workshop under the Lithuanian EU Presidency of the European Union was held in Vilnius, Lithuania from Monday 4 November till Tuesday 5 November.

The main topics of discussions during this workshop were: "Infrastructures in the Digital Age: the Data Challenge" and "e-Infrastructure commons".

The venue was the old Vilnius University campus, Universiteto 3.

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The main themes of the workshop were discussed in two tracks: "Implementation of the e-Infrastructure commons" and "Infrastructures in the Digital Age: the Data Challenge".

The workshop included speeches by very important and international experts such as Sverker Holmgren (e-IRG Chair), Arjen van Rijn,  Bob Jones, Antonella Fresa (for DCH-RP; presentation), Kostas Glinos (introducing Horizon2020), Alf Game, Bjorn Henrichsen, Damien Lecarpentier (for EUDAT), Herman Stehouwer (RDA) and others.

Images and videoes of the meeting will be published soon.

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Download the presentation "Digital Cultural Heritage moving toward an e-Infrastructure based approach to digital preservation" by A. Fresa here