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Networking session at the EGI CF 2014

Bert-Lemmens_PACKED_MBThe networking session organised by PREFORMA in the frame of the EGI Community Forum in Helsinki presented to the interested audience the new opportunities offered by the pre-commercial-procurement launched by PREFORMA.

The aim of the call for tender, which will be published by the end of May, is the development and deployment an open source software licensed reference implementation for file format standards aimed for any memory institution (or other organisation with a preservation task) wishing to check conformance with a specific standard. This reference implementation will consist of a set of modular tools, which will be validated against specific implementations of specifications of standards relevant to the PREFORMA project and used by the European memory institutions for preserving their different kind of data objects. In order to demonstrate effectiveness (and refine) these tools, they will be developed in an iterative process with multiple releases and with a number of experiments with 'real' data sets (files) from memory institutions during each iteration. Media types covered by the tender are: documents, images, audio-visual records.


Here below are the presentations that were delivered during the session:

  • PREFORMA networking session: topics, open issues & new challenges when moving from traditional to digital curatorship (download PDF)

  • Introduction to the PCP Procedure (Borje Justrell,¬†Riksarkivet, download PDF)

  • How to participate to the tender (Antonella Fresa, Promoter Srl, download PDF)

  • The implementation phases: design, prototyping and testing (Peter Pharow, Fraunhofer, download PDF)

  • Open source projects (Bjorn Lundell, University of Skovde, download PDF)

  • Challenge brief (Bert Lemmens, Packed, download PDF)


For more details about the PREFORMA call for tender please visit the Information Day webpage on our blog, which contains the full version fo the presentations mentioned above, the video recordings of the whole event and other useful material.


preforma_cscAfter the session, the representatives of PREFORMA reached CSC - IT Center for Science for a meeting with people involved with the Finnish Digital Library, to present the project and to discuss about how PREFORMA can help to improve the digital preservation service of the National Digital Library and of other Finnish memory institutions.


For further information on the PREFORMA project visit the PREFORMA Website and the PREFORMA Blog.