Digital meets Culture
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JCDL 2012, Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

The 2012 edition of this prestigious Conference was held June 10-14 in Washington, DC, hosted by The George Washington University, and it was as usual a very valuable international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, organizational, and social issues.

Professor Maristella Agosti, Italian referent of project CULTURA, presented a short paper during the session dedicated to Preservation.

The title of the paper is “To Envisage and Design the Transition from a Digital Archive System Developed for Domain Experts to one for Non-domain Users”, by Maristella Agosti and Nicola Orio.

The paper was extremely worth to be presented in the Conference, because it touches a very interesting point: it is common practice to develop digital archive systems keeping in mind the requirements of a specific target category of expert users, but the archive content may result interesting also to a wider audience, from scholars in related domains to the general public. In particular, the digital content of a scientific/cultural archive can also be re-used for several different and wider applications in the field of digital cultural heritage.

In this sense, the paper reports on the work that has been conducted to re-design and re-engineer the IPSA system at University of Padua, in order to match requirements and expectations of non-domain users.

The conference was also the occasion to disseminate more in general the CULTURA project to a very valuable audience overseas.

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