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Export date: Thu May 23 3:21:17 2024 / +0000 GMT

INCULTUM Coffee Talk: Cultural heritage tourism websites

One challenge identified in INCULTUM project is linked to the need of creating synergies among the various partners in the large consortium, who have a lot of commonalities and differences and who need to detect development trajectories for capacity building in fostering sustainable strategies in cultural and tourist promotion of the territories.

In facts, albeit with (sometimes big) differences and specifities, each of the Pilots holds often very high skills, knowledge and expertise, which can be useful for the others and which can eventually converge in good practices, tested on field, that INCULTUM as a project aims to disseminate for the benefit of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage development.

After a series of informal progress meetings among the Pilots, the first event for the INCULTUM Coffee Talk series was held on 26 January 2023 on the topic of "Cultural heritage tourism websites".

The meeting was led by Maurizio Toscano of EACHTRA, leader of Irish Pilot on historic graves, with the participation of the majority of project partners. Opened with an ice-breaker Q&A session, the talk aimed at discussing what makes a successful and effective website for cultural tourism information. Also, examples of well-designed websites that advertise cultural sites and initiatives were shown and discussed; as well as the requirements and the challenges that inform the design, planning and running of web resources dedicated to cultural tourism.