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Export date: Mon Feb 6 9:47:30 2023 / +0000 GMT

INCULTUM calls for master thesis in Denmark

Before summer 2022, partner CBS Copenhagen Business School published an advertisement for the project and the possibility of writing the Master thesis in collaboration with INCULTUM on two sites of CBS, which reach far beyond the university itself: and

The posting was very successful with many international students applying or asking for information as they consider writing their thesis in the project. In particular, contacts came from 15-20 Master students, nearly all studying careers with a tourism component, and they come from many different countries and study at various different universities.

Such impact of the call for master thesis testimonies the importance of the topics addressed by INCULTUM for the students who are the cultural tourism professionals of tomorrow.

Currently, CBS team has supervised one Master thesis student in Spring 2022 and one in autumn 2022, while between 5 and 10 students are considering to deliver their thesis in Spring 2023.