Digital meets Culture
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EMERGENCES, a Festival for digital arts

International festival dedicated to electronic cultures and emerging artistic forms, Emergences brings together, every year in Paris, French and international actors in digital creation (cultural centres, art groups, research labs, multimedia production firms...) all gathered around a prolific and international artistic program at the crossroad of performing & visual arts, multimedia, design, architecture and electronic music.

The programme is based on workshops, lectures, shows, installations and performances.

This festival is called Villette Emergences, and takes place every two year as the local part of the Villette Numérique Biennial.

It aims at making the link with the territory and the local and international actors. It marks the outcome of a work of cultural development led all year round (creation, residency, workshops, projects support).

Emergences festival presents innovative projects (hybridization of the artistic forms, new writings, scenography and the relationship to public, way of production) by giving a particular attention to the "emergent" artists ; Work on an artistic programming stemming from collaborations with the cultural actors of the region Ile-de-France (venues, artistic groups, universities, research laboratories and multimedia production companies) ; Register "Emergences" on the heart of an artistic network of international exchange by narrow and followed collaborations with the festivals and the places dedicated to new media abroad.

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