Digital meets Culture
Export date: Fri Jun 14 21:27:25 2024 / +0000 GMT

Designing Participation for Cultural Heritage: the digital gallery is online on the REACH website!

The REACH project is pleased to announce the launch of the digital posters&videos gallery , joined by innovative and engaging contributions coming from resilient communities and the European Cultural Heritage network of social participation as a whole.

You can visit the gallery at the following links:

Digital Gallery - Poster Abstracts
Digital Gallery - Video Abstracts
Digital Gallery - Posters Mosaic

The contributions collected concern the following 5 topics:

  1. Societal Cohesion - Minorities, Majorities, Groups: everyday lives, especially the excluded, marginalized, and right-wing minorities, the politics of nationalism and majorities

  2. Societal Cohesion - legacies of imperialism/colonialism

  3. Sustainability and Environmental/Ecological Responsibility: ‘cultural landscapes' bringing together holistically natural and cultural heritage in the Anthropocene Age

  4. Rapid Societal Change - Creativity, Authenticity, Audiences, Users and Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

  5. Narratives, Place/place-making and Identity

You can still  participate with a poster and/or a video on the themes of participation in cultural heritage and resilience!

Click here and #participateinculture !

In light of the interest received by the initiative the REACH Consortium have decided to keep the call open until the end of the year.